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Rupert Murdoch, i tweet che non ha scritto

Robert Shrimsley sul Financial Times ha scritto i tweet che @rupertmurdoch avrebbe dovuto scrivere.

@rupertmurdoch #followfriday @stevecoogan @hughgrant @siennamiller @princewilliam @thedowlers

@rupertmurdoch #followsaturday @stevecoogan @hughgrant @siennamiller @princewilliam maybe not @thedowlers

@rupertmurdoch notice people are retweeting my words without paying for them. this is theft. must start charging for tweets.

Financial Times


«Today’s creepy is tomorrow’s necessity»

Sean Parker, intervistato da John Battelle,  parla con la consueta ruvidezza della politica riguardo alla privacy di Facebook. Secondo lui, comunque, il problema è che la gente che usa veramente i social media sta lasciando FB per Twitter e - udite, udite! - Google Plus.

“The threat to Facebook is that power users have gone to Twitter or Google+,” Parker told the Web 2.0 Summit — because, he says, Facebook isn’t giving them enough ways to manage a glut of information. [...] Battelle continued on the Facebook line, asking Parker what he thinks of the argument that Facebook is perceived as being a “little creepy.” After attempting to dodge the question — and pointing out that he is a major Facebook shareholder — Parker offered this immortal answer. “Look: there’s good creepy and there’s bad creepy,” he said. “Today’s creepy is tomorrow’s necessity.”