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Campbell: «Murdoch? E' come i leader dei sindacati prima della Thatcher»

Alastair Campbell - proprio lui, l'anima nera mediatica di Saint Tony  che, assieme al Prince of Darkness Peter Mandelson,  ha formato il più formidabile team di spin doctor della comunicazione politica britannica  - non crede più al potere della stampa. E vede i press baron - come Rupert Murdoch e Paul Dacre (Daily Mail),  figure che hanno dominato da destra la scena politica britannica negli ultimi anni - come dinosauri che non si sono accorti di essere a un passo dall'estinzione. 

 Seen as one of the toughest press secretaries in Downing Street of the modern era, he [Campbell, ndr] claims "the real evil of narrow concentration of press ownership by a clutch of wealthy rightwing men, most of whom do not pay taxes here, is that it leads to a narrow set of values and interests within the news agenda". He adds: "As the public know more of the way the press operate, so their power weakens, and politicians can represent the public interest, not their own or that of the media". He says the Murdoch-Dacre generation "cannot see, not least since Leveson, their similarity with union leaders in the Thatcher era, desperately clinging on to power and systems being overtaken by people demanding change. The change is happening, and will happen, in part because of public anger, campaigning by victims and activists, and also because a younger generation is better at reading the rhythms of change."

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