Il padrone di Amazon compra il Washington Post
Regaliamo un dizionario alla Biancofiore

I giornali sono le nuove squadre di calcio

Secondo la Lex Column del Financial Times, per un miliardario di belle speranze le testate giornalistiche sono le nuove sqadre di calcio. Costano meno e danno parecchia visibilità.

Franchises such as the Cleveland Browns football team and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team have recently sold for prices exceeding $1bn – despite not playing for a title in years. With valuations at these levels and the pushback on cable TV prices now arriving, the maths even for plutocrats no longer works. Few individuals have a fortune large enough to spend a billion dollars and then risk losing money. Also, at those prices, the exit strategy is unclear: no deep bench of buyers exists. So consider newspapers to be the real Moneyball move. The recently acquired Washington Post and Boston Globe remain elite brands with massive, albeit declining, circulations. Both were bought by billionaires for modest sums ($250m for the Post, $70m for the Globe). Not only do the new owners become erudite men of letters, but even a small turnround affirms their status as moneymaking visionaries.

Financial Times