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Benvenuti in Embedinstan!

Il Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism ha appena pubblicato una ricerca (PDF) di Laura King, a lungo corrispondente di guerra per il Los Angeles Times, sugli ultimi sviluppi del reportage di guerra. Le ricerche del Reuters Institute sono di alto livello e questa non fa eccezione. In problema è sempre quello: come fare a rimanere neutrali a partire da un punto di vista - quasi sempre quello del giornalista embedded in un reparto militare - che è decisamente parziale.

Amongst her conclusions, Laura poses the question of what can help war correspondents perceive complicated wartime events more clearly.  She believes that “the most important step would be diminished dependence on the military. ‘Unilateral’ coverage – that which is not tied to reporters travelling with military units – is difficult, dangerous and expensive. ‘Embeds’ – occasionally and judiciously undertaken – will probably remain a necessary but limited part of the reporting mix. But unless the preponderance of news coverage arises from sustained and meaningful contacts with the local population, yielding at least a modicum of cultural understanding, we are always going to get the story wrong.”

 Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism