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The Vanishing Newspaper (e Facebook)

"What we're trying to do is give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper we can," Zuckerberg said. "The best personalized newspaper should be intricate, rich, and engaging."

L'ha detto oggi Mark Zuckerberg parlando della nuova veste grafica di Facebook. Qui le considerazioni  di Jeff Sonderman (Poynter) che continua a pensare che per distribuire le notizie sia meglio Twitter.

By the sheer volume of users and time spent there, it  [cioè Facebook, ndr] does drive significant referrals to many news sites. But on the whole, the Facebook user experience is one of personal status updates and photos from people you know, mixed with a little bit of entertainment from celebrities, journalists, tastemakers or brands. Oh, and a lot of advertising. Twitter remains the far more optimized network for delivering news and other real-time information in an unfiltered stream. Facebook is better at capturing the interpersonal discussions and emotions that ripple out later.

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