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The end of the «anything goes» era

Sempre più veloce

Secondo le nuove linee guida dell'AP i giornalisti dell'agenzia potranno "twittare" una breaking news dopo aver avvertito il desk. Prima dovevano aspettare che la notizia andasse in rete. Non so se sia una buona notizia.

The Associated Press has updated its social media guidelines with a change which clarifies that its journalists are allowed to tweet breaking news even if a story is not yet on the wire. Under the updated guidelines AP journalists are told their "first obligation" in the case of a big breaking news event, "is to provide full details to the appropriate newsdesk for use in AP services if the desk isn’t tuned in already". But once they have informed the newsdesk and taken care of "any other immediate AP work" they are now "free to tweet or post information about the news development" on Twitter., Ap