Angeli' facce vede' er quid
Excusatio non petita ecc...

The revolution will be televised

Nick Bilton riflette sul fatto che sempre più spesso non accende più il grande schermo della televisione e preferisce le dimensioni minime del visore dell'iPhone. E i risultati della riflessione sono questi:

I prefer my iPhone over my television because it allows me to consume and create on the same device. I’m immersed in it. If it were a TV, I could leave comments on YouTube clips, send Twitter messages in the middle of a show or movie, and most importantly, share the content I like, or dislike. The winner in the living room won’t be decided by the size of the screen, or how thin it is hanging on the wall. Just like the smartphones and tablets that exist today, those “features” will quickly become standard. Instead, it will come down to apps and the software that ties them to the hardware. And as we have seen with the iPhone and iPad, Apple knows how to rattle sleepy industries.

Bits (New York Times)