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Once Were Bankers

Il New York Times oggi ha un bell'articolo su alcuni banchieri di New York che si sono improvvisati taxisti dopo aver perso il posto a causa della recessione.

The stigma of the job, although softened, is not entirely gone. The JPMorgan veteran agreed to be interviewed on the condition that only her first name, Janet, be published. Her job, she said, could prompt her condo board on the Upper East Side to consider ousting her from the building. Janet was finishing an afternoon shift the other day in her work uniform: a navy blazer, floral scarf and Ralph Lauren sunglasses. She was raised in Manhattan; cab driving was never part of the plan. “I always thought cabdrivers were idiots,” she said. “I still do. If anything, that has been reaffirmed.” The regulars at the garage in the Bronx did not think she would last a week; two years later, she is still driving.

In Italia non sarebbero mai stati licenziati. Ma una volta licenziati, pur con una liquidazioni da dirigenti di banca, non sarebbero stati in grado di comperare una licenza, visto che sono contingentate e costano un Perù. Think about it.

New York Times