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Karma, Assange e le «autobiografie» non autorizzate

L'«autobiografia» di Julian Assange non è autorizzata da Julian Assange. L'avrà dettata il gemello cattivo.

Canongate Books, an independent British publisher, is going ahead with the UK publication of Julian Assange: the Unauthorised Autobiography against its subject’s wishes following a contractual dispute. [...] The £20 book, penned by a ghostwriter, is based on transcripts of more than 50 hours of interviews with Mr Assange during the year. Canongate said the book was “very faithful” to those interviews but with a “certain amount of editing”. On Wednesday night Mr Assange condemned the publisher for “profiteering from an unfinished and erroneous draft”. He told Associated Press that Canongate had acted in breach of contract and personal assurances that the draft would not be published without his consent. He said it was a work in progress, and had not been checked for facts.

Financial Times