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La fine della bella scrittura (anzi dell'articolo)

Secondo Jeff Jarvis - che come sempre estremizza troppo - scrivere articoli non è più necessario per fare reporting. Anzi, il più delle volte è inutile e dannoso.

We write articles for many reasons: because the form demands it, because we want the bylines and ego gratification, because we are competitive, because we had to. Now we should write articles when necessary. This new structure changes not only the skills but likely the character of the journalist. These days when I see young journalists talk only about their passion to write and tell stories, I worry for them that they will find fewer jobs and less of a calling. But when I hear journalists say that their passion is to report, to dig up facts, to serve and inform the community by all means possible, I feel better. When I hear a journalist talk about collaboration with that community as the highest art, then I get happy. Let the record show that I am not declaring the article useless or dead. Just optional.

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