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Invisible Hand

Grazie, Chicco Testa

Non quello di adesso. Quello di prima quando faceva il  verde e che ha contribuito a far vincere il referendum contro il nucleare in Italia. Il Financial Times spiega abbastanza bene perché il metano sarà, probabilmente, il futuro (e quindi l'aver costruito un tot di centrali può essere  spendibile sul mercato):

Relying on gas brings its own political complexities and risks, particularly given the absence of a fully integrated grid across the European Union. But compared with nuclear power, gas looks safe and easy, with lower capital costs and more rapid payback times for investors. In Japan, too, it is hard to imagine that recovery will involve a rapid reconstruction of the nuclear sector. Although gas carries its own risks, what has happened during the past few days is likely to persuade policymakers in Tokyo that importing gas remains the easiest choice.

La conclusione dell'articolo, invece,  è piuttosto disperante per il Chicco Testa di oggi:

For the nuclear industry the next few days are crucial. If the situation at Fukushima deteriorates with a significant release of radioactive material, international confidence in the sector will be destroyed. Few if any new stations will be commissioned and in both Europe and America the future of existing stations will be uncertain. A technology that promised to provide a significant source of carbon-free power will have lost public trust.

Financial Times