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Il lupo perde il pelo, ma non il vizio

Nelle sue memorie George W. Bush usa i dati allo stesso modo di quando era presidente, cioè per confondere le acque. Walter Pincus sul Washington Post mette i puntini sulle "i" riguardo alla decisione di invadere l'Iraq e i documenti di Hans Blix.

In his memoir "Decision Points," former president George W. Bush passionately defends his 2003 decision to invade Iraq, citing, among other things, a Jan. 27, 2003, report to the U.N. Security Council by Hans Blix, the Swedish director of the U.N. inspectors who had spent two months looking for Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. But Bush makes selective use of Blix's January report, citing elements that support the idea that Hussein was not cooperating and leaving out parts that indicate his government was. More to the point, however, Bush fails to mention two subsequent Blix pre-invasion reports in February and early March, weeks before U.S. bombs struck Baghdad. Those show Iraq cooperating with inspectors and the inspectors finding no significant evidence that Hussein was hiding WMD programs.

Washington Post