A ottobre, sembra

Long-string attacched

Pare che le decisioni prese da Bp nel trivellare il pozzo non siano state particolarmente attente alle esigenze di sicurezza. E particolarmente attente, invece, ai costi e alla velocità di trivellazione. Una scelta che costerà alla compagnia 20 miliardi di dollari. E all'amministratore delegato, con tutta probabilità, la poltrona.

The insight into BP's record comes amid fierce pressure on the oil giant and its partners, who share billions in liability in the accident. Anadarko blasted BP Friday in a statement by Chief Executive Jim Hackett, who said: "The mounting evidence clearly demonstrates that this tragedy was preventable and the direct result of BP's reckless decisions and actions." A long-string design is cheaper because a single pipe runs the length of the well and can be installed in one step. But it also can create a dangerous pathway for natural gas to rise unchecked outside the pipe. The alternative, known as liners, is seen as safer because it has more built-in places to prevent oil or gas from flowing up the well uncontrolled. "There are more barriers, and the barriers are easier to test," says Gene Beck, an engineer and professor at Texas A&M University.

Wall Street Journal