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Convergenza al contrario

Pare che per gli ingegneri di Google la concorrenza non siano gli altri siti multimediali, ma la tv generalista. Ma cercare di allungare il tempo di permanenza sul sito con una specie di hit parade non mi sembra una gran strategia.

“Our average user spends 15 minutes a day on the site,” he said. “They spend about five hours in front of the television. People say, ‘YouTube is so big,’ but I really see that we have a ways to go.” To that end, Mr. Walk leads a team of about a dozen engineers, designers and project managers who are fine-tuning YouTube to give its users what they want, even even when the users aren’t quite sure what that is. The goal is to get them to spend a few more minutes on the site every day. This is easier said than done. YouTube will not disclose the size of its video library, but the company has said that about 20 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. That is the equivalent of more than 100,000 full-length movies uploaded every week. With hundreds of millions of clips to choose from, the challenge that Mr. Walk’s team faces is to figure out how to select the 5 or 10 or 20 that a user might enjoy most.

Radioactively tanned or Citizen Cav.

A Foreign Policy non piace l'abbronzatura del dito indice di Berlusconi. E anche tante altre cose.

Uniquely in the Western world, the Italian prime minister controls much of his country's media, through outright ownership of private outlets and through governmental oversight of state-run institutions. This means he personally is at the helm of at least half Italy's television stations, as well as dozens of other news outlets and publishers. Italy watchers have noted that in this most outrageous year outlets owned or controlled by Berlusconi tended to go light on the prime minister -- barely mentioning his divorce and the conditions preceding it, for instance. Those Berlusconi does not directly control, he often threatened or sued -- whether Italian or foreign. In 2009 alone, Berlusconi has filed cases against El Pais, Le Nouvel Observateur, La Repubblica (which only published a list of unanswered questions about Berlusconi's affairs, not an investigation), and L'Unità (for $4.3 million). Berlusconi has also threatened to sue Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., saying that its negative coverage of him has its roots in a business dispute. Furthermore, this spring, Berlusconi's government hired a legion of journalists and media advisers to "bombard [the international press] with accurate and positive news." 

Foreign Policy