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La democrazia salvata dai gattini

Noam Cohen riflette sulla "Cute Cat Theory of Internet Censorship" di Ethan Zuckerman. In sintesi: quando blocchi Internet per fermare l'attivismo online dei cittadini impegnati politicamente (generalmente una minoranza) aspettati la rivolta anche del popolo dei gattini (generalmente la maggioranza) che non riesce più a raggiungere il suo blog pro-felini.

If only Iran’s leaders had thought through the implications of what can be called the Cute Cat Theory of Internet Censorship, as propounded by Ethan Zuckerman, a senior researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. His idea is deceptively simple: most people use the Internet to enjoy their lives, and among the ways people spread joy is to share pictures of cute cats. Even the sarcastic types (who, for example, have been known to insert misspelled messages under pictures of kittens) seem to be under their thrall. So when a government censors the Internet, it had better think twice: “Cute cats are collateral damage when governments block sites,” Mr. Zuckerman wrote for a recent talk. People who could not “care less about presidential shenanigans are made aware that their government fears online speech so much that they’re willing to censor the millions of banal videos” and thereby “block a few political ones.”

New York Times