Not Beamed Up

Percezione vs realtà

  • Crimine:

Although comparative statistics are notoriously tricky, United Nations and European Union studies indicate that Italy’s crime rates are below the European average. Romans might be surprised to find they are safer than residents of London, Copenhagen or Amsterdam. But, as every politician knows, it is perception that counts. Assertions by the defeated coalition that crime was declining fell on deaf ears. As Eurispes, a research institute, noted in its 2008 Italy report, levels of anxiety did not track the falling trend.

  • Corruzione:

Although Italy compares well with its European peers in terms of violent crime, evidence suggests that on corruption it is among the worst offenders. Italy ranks 40th on Transparency International’s global corruption index. Only Greece comes lower in the EU-15. The World Bank’s aggregation of various indices gives Italy a percentile rank of 71, slightly above South Korea but far below its main European peers.

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