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Come te la cavi con Flash?

Fiona Spruill -  editor della newsroom web del NYT - risponde ai lettori e spiega cosa serve per lavorare (come editor e come producer, una figura inesistente da noi) alla versione online del NYT:

Our Web newsroom is closely integrated with the print newsroom, so I am looking for people who can flourish in both worlds and who I could see fitting into many different jobs at The Times. Among other things, producers are responsible for packaging the news online and for creating original multimedia. As a result, they need to have solid journalism credentials and strong technical skills. On the technical side, we want people to walk in the door with a proficiency in Photoshop, HTML and blogging software, and an understanding of Web publishing systems. Experience in the production of multimedia — including the use of audio and video editing tools — is strongly desirable. For our more specialized multimedia positions, we expect to see an extensive knowledge of Flash and an understanding of how to integrate databases into multimedia presentations.

Immaginate di sottoporre la traduzione del testo (beh, mica si pretende la conoscenze del britanno, ci sono le segretarie per quello) a Franco Siddi - probabile nuovo segretario generale della FNSI (per i non addentro: il sindacato dei giornalisti italiani) - e poi trattenete le risate.
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